Launching new report “Meeting the Future of Work” with free webinar

“Future of Work…” considers one of today’s most hotly debated topics, the future of work, and the reality that no one has the faintest idea what the future will look like. The report squares this conundrum and offers clarity around investing in changing work practices/ workplaces. Report available free by registering for complimentary 20th March webinar debate


Launching new report “Creating Agile Organisations” with free webinar

“Creating Agile…” contends that creating an agile business capable of withstanding disruptions and sustaining fluent operation is a competitive necessity. Report available free by registering for complimentary 6th March webinar debate

Thought-provoking article “Beyond Olympic Hurdles”

The 2012 Olympics organising committee have done an outstanding job creating unprecedented interest for this event.  It is going to be the biggest event ever staged in the United Kingdom.

However, this success is posing a huge 3 month challenge of disruption for business – AND a fantastic opportunity to glean best practice for enduring work practice change.

Transforming working practices is not a light undertaking, to confidently create and deploy scenarios for changing work practices, it’s essential to model how your workplace interacts – articulating the opportunities to change for each aspect and working style of the organisation.

Our article, “Beyond Olympic Hurdles” provides an insight into the huge potential that can be realised from changing work practices.

Find out more about our article on successfully clearing the hurdles to work practice change…

Ground-breaking new report “Challenging Perceived Wisdom…are our workplace preconceptions valid?”

Our new study of workplace reality is the largest and most far-reaching in terms of both scale and scope – 24,500 people spanning 19 countries.

By comparing and contrasting age/ education/ gender/ geographic location/ seniority/ etc, this report offers the most accurate picture of today’s dynamic workplace – challenging Gen Y attitudes, workplace design, technology demands, diversity, and CSR sensitivities.

And it firmly dispels the perceived wisdom and myths about our workplaces – indicating that almost everything business leaders are being told or have assumed in recent years about work preferences needs to be radically re-thought.

For a personal copy of “Challenging Perceived Wisdom”, please drop Sam Thornton ( a note

Next Smartworking Summit – London, 18 October 2011

Today’s shifting work practices demand transformational change – an evolutionary journey where the future isn’t known and where people find themselves changing along the way.

Our Smartworking Summit on morning of 18th October debates this challenge.  It’s your chance to be amongst LEADERS LEARNING FROM LEADERS – with five top-ranking executives offering their personal 360° view of the context in which we work and the shape of the workplace…

  • Waitrose’s former Managing Director,
  • Barclay’s former Group Property Director,
  • General Electric’s HR Director,
  • Lloyds Banking Group M&A Director
  • the CIO from Department of Work & Pension’s revolutionary Universal Credit programme

This is a ‘must attend’ event for all involved with alternate working strategies – attended by 150 forward-looking FTSE business leaders charged with delivering the productivity and financial competitiveness to stay ahead of the chasing pack.

With space limited, please drop Sam Thornton ( a note to reserve your place

Smartworking Summit

Launched Smartworking Summit London 8 June – join 200 leading execs charged with reinventing business to debate breaking down silos & tackling established cultures

JBA on Facebook

We have just launched JBA on Facebook

The Game of Management

Just released our latest report titled “The Game of Management – Who Changed the Rules?”

It considers various change management scenarios and concludes that only transformational change provides the skills, techniques, and support to develop the vision and values for new work practices.

However, our research spanning 1,200 global organisations highlights the striking lack of appreciation and skills amongst managers for transformational change – all too often, they regard change as nothing more than fixing a broken process.

The report tables the advantages, drawbacks, and required techniques for different change management approaches, and shares our recent best practice experience.

6th People Management Executive Seminar in Athens

I’m really delighted to have been invited to keynote the 6th People Management Executive Seminar in Athens on the 21st October (

IOD Director Magazine Business Clinic

Just provided the expert commentary for September’s IOD Director Magazine on the merits of sustainable IT interventions for driving business efficiencies and cost avoidance – needless to say, it’ll make a controversial read!